• intipesan
    Project Description

    ProgressTech design and create INTIPESAN’s website, a company focused on developing Indonesian human resources. INTIPESAN wants to invite the community to develop themselves through their activities such as seminars, training and specific events.

    To make it easier for visitors, ProgressTech creates special form where visitors can instantly register themselves to attend events hosted by INTIPESAN. They can also directly make payments and get online ticket.

    Not only that, this website also makes it easier for people who want to buy and read books. Visitors can choose whether they want e-book or regular book, then processed (check-out) it to payment and shipping methods.

    In addition, this website allows visitors to view INTIPESAN’s Facebook feed and YouTube channel directly. Last, INTIPESAN also opens itself to companies that want to post job advertisements as well as those who are looking for work (specifically the field of Human Resource).

    Live Preview