About Us

Established in 2013, ProgressTech is a web developer, web-based applications developer, content support and hosting leasing. ProgressTech focusing on the development of websites and web applications, with emphasis on:

  • Responsive web design to support both cross device web platform (i0S and Android) and cross browsers platform (Safari. Firefox. Chrome. etc)
  • Good user experience and good user interface as a result of good website usability

Specifically, we provide the following services:

  • Cross device web design service to develop browser-friendly, visually compelling and bandwidth-friendly website
  • Web application development service, including cross platform mobile web application, to develop device-friendly application that improves your productivity
  • Digital marketing to help you reach more customer online through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

ProgressTech believes in continuous progress and therefore stays up-to-date with the latest programming language standard used to develop website as well as web application. In pursuant of this objective. the company adopts the following strategies:

  • Recruiting only human resources with the best talent available
  • Conducting capacity building program to learn new skills and to hone existing skills relevant to the business standardizing best practices

in serving it's customer



ProgressTech uses data and analytics to help customers understand the performance of the customers website, and based on such analysis. ProgressTech works on how the website can be improved. This way, the customers can also adjust their marketing strategy as well as marketing budget.


ProgressTech prioritizes the customers’ needs and help them solve any problems related to web development and maintenance. This will allow the customers to focus more on their business.


ProgressTech makes sure that the website is developed based on the customers needs and therefore only the most appropriate technologies and features will be applied in developing the website.


To make sure the customers have the best web technologies available, ProgressTech stays updated with latest trends and newer technologies. As such, the customers will never have to worry about whether their website or web application will no longer work just because the older technologies are not applicable anymore.